Damon Gray

General Manager

Damon started his building career as an apprentice at the tender age of 16. Over his 20-year career he has always strived to better himself, and, being the curious wee tacker that he is, Damon has always found himself analyzing every aspect of the build, constantly finding ways to improve.

Through his career Damon has moved through various countries and experienced many different building methods and technologies before settling on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Unfortunately for him he managed to pick one of the most challenging climates for construction in the world.

Thankfully Damon persevered and used his curiosity to his advantage, constantly pushing the boundaries of building science, looking for technologies and materials more suited to the elements he finds himself building in every day.

Damon has enjoyed growing his company to now employ a number of fun, detailed craftsman who share his passion. In his downtime he enjoys building at home while timing himself to challenge his fitness, reading building science almanacs to relax and while sleeping dreams about sheep jumping over the next home he will build.

Andrew Chapman

Project Manager

Andrew Chapman is a journeyman carpenter and project manager with an interest in challenging and innovative projects. He has been managing residential construction projects in Victoria since 2006 with a focus on sustainable building technologies suited for the coastal climate in the Pacific Northwest. When not on the job he enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for outdoor adventures with his kids.

Jacques Boisvert

Project Manager

Jacques is complex mix of artist, engineer, inventor and maker. Originally from Quebec city where, as the son of a renowned engineer/inventor, he learned hands on engineering methodology, he carried on in his father footstep and studied electrical engineering at the university of New Brunswick. Unfulfilled as an engineer, he turned his attention to his life long passion: Architecture. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge has lead him to self learn a number of disciplines and he bring a unique skill-set to every job site. From deep computer skills, material expertise, design methodology and an innovative mind, he can tackle the most challenging jobs with calm and insight.