• Damon brings a professionalism and integrity to the job that is exceptional. He is a skilled carpenter and project manager/carpenter. As well, he has the gift of attracting skilled, well-mannered, hard-working carpenters, and crew to work with him on all his projects. Damon and his crew take pride in the result and the atmosphere on the job is always pleasant and well organized. My clients have been well-satisfied with the high quality of work accomplished by Damon and his crew and his ability to work within a budget. His paperwork is meticulous and he takes responsibility for the quality of the finished project, taking care of the site security and as well, the clients’ interest. He has a good sense of design and I value his input and his ability to solve difficult design challenges when they arise.His excellent standard has represented me well over the years, in the community and with my clients. He has structured his business well taking care to have the proper insurance, WCB coverage, meeting all the important criteria for running large or small projects.He has an excellent knowledge of National Building Code as well as keeping current with new materials, tools and methods of construction.Damon is an exceptional young man of vision.
    ~ Robyn Bryson – Interior Design Consultant
  • Damon’s work is exemplary. I have met very few people with such consistently meticulous attention to detail. At the same time he is flexible and collaborative with ideas, planning and budgets and always presented a number of options to us. He is highly skilled in many areas of construction and yet is never afraid to ask a second opinion.He is unfailingly punctual, extremely hardworking and has a lengthening list of extremely satisfied clients in Victoria, British Columbia.I have no hesitation in being a reference for this young entrepreneur.
    ~ Steven Gordon, M.D.
  • Damon works to an exacting standard, but controls cost very effectively. Renovating a house that was originally constructed in 1898 while retaining its original character required many difficult decisions, and considerable skill on Damon’s part. Diana and I have been highly satisfied with his, and his crew’s work from start to finish of the process, and beyond.Very importantly to us, especially given our prior experience, Damon communicates the various ways he can solve your problem very clearly. He lets you know what your options are, and what they’ll cost you so that you can make informed decisions, and you know what to expect both from your building experience, and from the finished product. In short, Damon understands his work from a client’s perspective, which makes you feel respected as a client.In our experience, Damon’s excellent communication skills are a testament not only to his integrity as a construction professional, but also to his integrity as a person.
    ~ Mathew Weymar