4 bedroom 2700 sq. ft. home: $850,000 approximate construction cost applicable taxes not inc. Price may vary depending on site condition. Land and Site Prep not included.

Some of the key features of this home design include:

  • Modern Design
  • Open floor plan
  • Concrete construction
  • Customizable options
  • Passive Solar design (depending on location) using a South facing design to maximize the sun exposure into home
  • External Wall Framing is made of concrete
  • External cladding is made of concrete and can be stained and sealed with architectural impressions
  • Roofing to meet owner’s preferences. Priced for TPO or Torch On.
  • Insulation under footings 10” EPS styrofoam (R40 effective)
  • Insulation Under Slab consists of 12” EPS styrofoam (R48 effective)
  • Insulation Wall includes 8” of styrofoam. (R32 effective) R7 sealed unit windows. Garage door R17
  • Roof insulation R80 effective.
  • Windows: Thermally Broken UPVC or Fibreglass, Upgraded Low-E soft coat on north facing windows, east and west elevations. Hard coat on south. triple glaze on north facing windows
  • Internal Framing consists of fingerjoint 24” centres with single top and bottom plates. internal walls 1/2″ drywall
  • Heating systems include electric Radiant Floor.
  • Zehnder HRV System 90% efficient. (Heat Recovery Ventilation)
  • Passive solar soffit calculation for shading during the warm months
  • Electrical: 200 amp panel, standard electrical wiring, LED Lighting, alarm system
  • Cabinets customized to owner`s specifications
  • Flooring preferences within price guidelines
  • Gas stove, wall oven x 2, integrated fridge and freezer
  • Our “less is more” approach with our Green Building techniques use less materials, locally-sourced materials, recycled products where available, on-site recycling, excess materials are used to make furniture or dried and burned as fuel source
  • 0.6 ACH (Air Changes Per Hour)
  • Annual heating consumption 5,500KWh (22KWh/m2). Does not include general electricity needs.  This estimate will be dependent on building site solar array conditions. Can achieve Passive House criteria of 15KWh/m2 by changing window sizes. The average home in BC is 65KWh/m2 for heating and cooling loads per year.